How To Choose The Best ID Cards For Your Company

Large corporations, but smaller firms as well as implementing new ways of recognizing their employees and granting them access inside the company’s facilities. Nevertheless, finding the right methods could be quite a hustle, especially if you are not really sure what to expect. Luckily, there are numerous businesses revolving this sector and helping you create fully customizable ID cards for all your employees. For further information you can check this website: or read below to find more details about the whole process:

Take into consideration your company’s needs

Having your own secure ID badges or ID cards takes a little bit more than simply an attractive design and some colorful hangers. Each ID bag must meet your company’s unique needs, use technologies which are already out there and are safe for everyone but still meet your company’s level security standards.

Security is one of the biggest concerns of companies nowadays, thus it comes as no surprise that they are investing more money into their employees’ security. ID badges are no different and you have to think about your company’s assets, especially in terms of security. From visual confirmation to access reader technology, all these techniques are important if you care about your company’s security. No matter what type of technology you use, make sure you will find everything you need at the aforementioned link.

What type of card technology should your company use?

Again, depending on the size of your company and the security level you want to imply, there are numerous types of card technologies available. Bar codes are the most popular ones and can be easily printed using any type of PVC plastic card. However, you will require a bar code reader equipment for this type of technology, which might cost your company a little bit extra.

Magnetic stripes also make for a popular choice. Inside them you will find the necessary authentication information. For this type of security technologies you will also require a printer featuring a magnetic encoder option.

Last but not least, another quite popular choice among international corporations is the proximity card. These cards use a contactless technology to send the security required information from a distance, without having to swipe your card for it. Although these are totally secure, some companies are reluctant to use it, similar to contactless credit card payments. In order to implement this type of technology you will require a proximity card stock, as well as a special card reader.

November 15, 2016