Convection Oven Or Toaster Oven – Which One Is More Convenient?

Ovens are a must have in all kitchens and since they help both men and women unleash their creativity in cooking, there is no surprise there are so many types of ovens available. The debate on which type of oven is more convenient that others is very hot and very personal, as each one prefers a certain type of cooking. In order to know how to pick an oven you first have to know the differences between them; as many people confuse convection ovens with toaster ovens, here are the differences between the two.

Convection ovens

Convection ovens are also called fan-assisted ovens because they use fans to blow the hot air on the food. Traditional toaster ovens rely only on radiation from the oven walls to heat the food, which is a slower process. Best convection toaster oven reviews state really low cooking times, which is one of the major benefits of convection ovens, making them more efficient than traditional ovens.

You can bake, cook or reheat any food with a convection oven, as they are the same size as traditional toaster ovens.

Toaster ovens

Toaster ovens have a removable wire rack and removable baking pan, which makes them more convenient for some people. Just like convection ovens and other types of ovens, toaster ovens have multiple levels of heat, which allows you to broil, sear or toast, depending on your needs. Reading best convection toaster oven reviews, you will find there are also convection toaster ovens, which use the fan to blow heat on the food, warming it evenly.

At this time, toaster ovens seem to be pretty much the same as convection ovens, but there are also differences between them.

What are the differences between the two ovens


Toaster ovens run on electricity, while convection ovens can run on both electricity and gas, which makes them more versatile. However, toaster ovens don’t consume lots of power. Another benefit of toaster ovens is they are much easier to clean, compared to traditional and convection ovens. A toaster oven has lots of mobile parts, which can be removed and cleaned separately.


Convection ovens are expensive and there is a belief you can’t bake or cook foods which require moisture, as the fans dry off the food.


Overall, one can’t say which type of oven is best: the convection oven or the toaster oven. You just need to match it with your needs and each one will offer you lots of benefits when it comes to cooking.

September 29, 2019