How to Grind Meat from Home

With all the diet changes in the world right now, people have become aware of what they put into their bodies. Many people are opting to grind their meat at home due to the problems they have come across using meat that has been ground from somewhere else.

Another reason why you need to grind meat at home is that ground meat has been in the news lately because of all the wrong reasons. Additionally, it is cheaper to grind meat from home compared to buying it off the shelves. All you need is the right food processor and you are set.

With a food processor from MRS foodprep, you have total control over the kind of meat that you add to the dish. You can have a different burger each day by mixing up the different ingredients. Say, grind up some bacon and beef and mix them for a delicious burger, or go the poultry way by mixing some turkey and chicken.

Secondly, grinding meat at home results in a superior texture compared to what you get when you buy from the butcher. This helps keep your burger juicy and moist. The last benefit applies to red meat. Because you control what goes into the beef, you can prepare it more on the rare side without risking any food borne illness.

So, how can you make the ground meat from home?

Get the fresh meat, cut it into small chunks, preferably 1-inch pieces and transfer them to a baking sheet. Make sure the pieces don’t touch each other.

Transfer the baking sheet holding the meat pieces to the freezer and leave them for 20 minutes. Freezing the meat makes it easy for the processor to cut them into very small pieces.

Add the meat to the processor in small batches. Pulse the meat till you arrive at the perfect consistency. Choose the course or one grind depending on the kind of meat you are processing. After it is finely ground, transfer it to a bowl and start on another batch. The number of batches depends on the amount of meat that you plan to grind.

Check among the ground meat for large chunks that are remaining and regrind them. Use the ground meat immediately or keep in the freezer till you are ready to use them.


For the best results every time, make sure you use the right kind of food processor for the task.

October 1, 2019