The Risks of Buying Fake Instagram Followers

Building an Instagram following seems to be very hard and anyone can easily be tempted to buy followers. This has worked for many people in the past. However, with the continuous revision of the Instagram API, it is becoming easier to differentiate between real and sketchy followers. If you still want to consider buying fake Instagram followers, here are some risks that you may be putting yourself into.

Loss of Brand Integrity

As much as buying followers has become a common trend, people view it as an unacceptable way of becoming popular. Going from tens to thousands of followers within a few days can get your audience suspicious and this may tarnish your reputation. If you are an influential person with a name to protect, then stick to growing your followers organically.

Exposure To Spam Content

Fake followers can never give real engagement. They will flood your profile with spammy and irrelevant comments which may disappoint your followers. Most of their comments will be unrelated to subject in discussion and this can raise red flags with Instagram’s administration. You can read more about this at

Low Engagement Rate

Purchased followers are people who only add to your numbers but are not interested in your brand. It is of no use having a great following but less engagement with your content. If you are fond of buying followers, just know that your engagements will never rise because some of these followers are actually fake accounts. Without real followers to keep your account active, your visibility will be limited to a small group of people.  You can visit to read more about this.

Loss of Your Account

Instagram users have the power to flag comments and posts as spam. If your fake followers start leaving irrelevant comments, you risk losing your account because this is against the Instagram terms of use.

Hidden Costs

Because the fake followers do not offer any help to your account, you may end up paying more in terms of engagement costs. Most providers of fake followers will entice you with low rates but will not tell you about the hidden charges involved. In case you want to purchase followers that can boost your engagement, you have to spend more money.

In Conclusion

If you do not have a valid reason, do not buy followers on Instagram. If you must, then get a reputable provider who offers followers that look and behave like authentic users.

June 27, 2018