Top 5 Tools for a Garage

Every man dreams of a garage full of tools for every possible work that comes in mind. But the reality is that only mechanics can afford so many tools for these jobs, either because of cost, money or wive’s complains. In any case, if you are interested in a fully equipped garage here are the most important tools you will need.


Every once in a while you have to hang something on the wall or anchor a hook for a beautiful painting. The odds are that nails won’t do the job so you need something more robust. Here comes the drill. Find the right drill bit put it on, connect the power or use a battery powered one, and make the hole you need. Everything you hang won’t ever move.

Circular Saw

The Circular Saw offers amazing cutting power and performance even for the most demanding tasks.There are two types of circular saws available, corded or cordless. Cordless gives you the freedom to do your work without the need of a power socket nearby but you can run out of “juice” quickly. With the corded you can cut all day long.


Hammers don’t need a lot of introduction. From a wall that needs to be removed to a beautiful piece of jewelry, hammers can destroy or forge something amazing. The size range is huge, from big hammers that have the size of an adult’s arm to tiny hammers that have the size of a finger tha possibilities are endless.

Air Compressor

The air compressor is one of the most essential tools in a garage. It can be connected to a plethora of tools and accessories. The most common air compressor is the impact driver, which can screw every type of screw. Other useful tools are the nail gun and simpe blow guns.

Paint Sprayer

The paint sprayer is one of the most essential tools in a garage. Of course you can buy paint and a brush and you are done, but one of the great arguments in favor of paint sprayers is that with a paint sprayer you can cut down in cost and time. Painting with a paint sprayer gives you even coats on your work and saves you form a huge mess caused by drops. As you can imagine the result is far better.

In conclusion you will end up having a lot more tools in your garage tha you possibly can think of, but every one of them has its own purpose and a little

February 5, 2017