Twin Gear Juicers And The Mechanism Of Its Working

Drinking some tasty juices of fresh vegetables or fruits is really good for our health. However, you may find the difference in the quality of various juices, and this difference arises due to the variation of the features of the juice making machines. Among the various juicers that are accessible in the stores, though the single gear juicers are quite common, the twin gear juicers are gradually gaining its popularity.

The best rated twin gear juicer includes a slow crushing or grinding mechanism and it is able to take out juice of wheat grass or juice from some other dry and hard components.

The juicer with twin-gear system is also known as the triturating juicer. The word- triturating indicates- rubbing, grinding, crushing or pounding into some fine units. So, here, by crushing or pounding the green vegetables or fruits, you can get nutrients, juice and enzymes. Moreover, the juice that is produced with twin-gear juicer is little more than that of the system with only one gear. Besides, a twin-gear juicer works at an extremely low speed.

Other facilities in twin gear juicers-

  • A twin-gear juice-making machine runs quite mutely in contrast to the centrifugal juicer.
  • Its low-speed unit removes oxidation, and thus, protects the enzymes.
  • The juice that is extracted remains stable and may be preserved in the refrigerator for thirty six hours.
  • The extracted juices have very little froth.
  • Extracts soft, green vegetables, such as, alfalfa buds or wheatgrass.
  • It presses all parts of the vegetable and turns out very waterless pulp.

The twin-gear juice extractors generally have a number of attachments.  Some of the attachments are intended for juicing vegetables, while some are for juicing fruits.  In many twin-gear models, you can find a pasta-making pump and a knob for controlling the pulp output. However, there is no need of using all the available attachments.  Many users purchase the modern twin-gear juicer in order to get the health benefit from the higher quality fruit juice and not to prepare pasta. Thus, if you have now realized the ability of twin-gear juicer to make superior quality juice, you can pay for it to get premium result.

Twin gear- for soft fruit juice only

Feeding soft and leafy products is usually easy with the twin-gear styles of juicers, because they can self-feed when the devices turn inwards. But, if you feed hard products, such as, a carrot, then it can be little challenging unless your arms are strong. In that case, you can cut the product into small pieces in proper angle. So, you can choose twin-gear models for squeezing soft fruits. 

January 6, 2016