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Slots Offline

Slot games seem so simple. Indeed, there's nothing difficult about placing a bet, starting the reel, and collecting winnings. But not everyone knows how these games went. This entertainment has gone through a whole evolution from primitive offline slots to super-modern 3D slots with 1000+ paylines and all kinds of bonuses.

How slot games have changed

Of course, before such games, people knew only two main types of casino entertainment. These are roulette and card games. Especially poker.

So, in 1891, the Sittman & Pitt poker machines appeared in the bars of New York, the mechanical part of which consisted of five reels, each of which held 10 playing cards of one poker deck. We can say that the prototype of video poker appeared first. And only then the first online slots were opened for the players. It was Charles Fey's Liberty Bell. It was the first "one-armed bandit" that had the following components:

  • three rotating reels on the axis;
  • the lever to start;
  • coin acceptor;
  • automatic payout system.

The first slot used the card symbols, horseshoes, as a symbol of good luck, and the Liberty Bell, a symbol of the United States. The maximum winnings were paid for a combination of three such bells.

Of course, Fey's brainchild has spurred other manufacturers to create mechanical slot games. And by the middle of the twentieth century, each offline casino had several types of mechanical slots.

The next step slots offline evolution of slot games was electromechanical. Now the reels of the slots rotate not only automatically, due to the electric drive. They had special coin accumulators and the lucky ones could win and receive up to 500 coins at once. Later, this figure only increased.

Video slots — new hits in online casinos

A few more years have passed and video slots have pushed electromechanical machines out of the casino offline halls. This happened in 1976 when a 19-inch Sony Trinitron color video screen and a motherboard were used to control the Fortune Coin Co. The next round in the development of slot machines came in 1994 when the first bonus video slot with a game on an additional screen appeared.

The further history of the development of video slots focused both on the technical improvement of slot machines and the variety of bonus games. Bonus video slots with Free Spins, Pick a Box, Multi-Level Bonus, etc. have appeared.

The emergence of online slots

1995 opened a new milestone in the entertainment and gambling industry. Microgaming, a software developer, created software for online casinos, where online slots were offered among the main classic casino games (roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps).

And this gave rise to the emergence of thousands of types of slot games for all genres and tastes. Now gamblers do not need to visit the offline casino, especially if it is located too far away. You can choose a suitable gaming club and enjoy an excellent slot game with high winning chances.